popularonitem provides a variety of shipping options, including promotions and special offers. Please refer to the following information about cost saving and convenient shipping method.

We provide express services such as DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS, and EMS. Generally, the shipment will arrive within 5-7 working days. We provide tracking numbers once the shipment is on the way to destination.

popularonitem reserves the right to choose EMS or other express agent if the destination is in rural or suburbs.

Under certain circumstances or with certain items, we reserve the right to change the ways of shipping which is decided by customers. : In the same time we will inform customers by mail or other ways. We promise to deliver the item(s) in due time.

If the shipment is free-shipping, for heavy items we will automatically choose postal packets as our delivery package. The delivery time is 15-30 working days worldwide. Tracking number is not available for postal packets. We reserve the right to delivery the goods by any shipping service for free-shipping items.

For delivery to destinations where DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS or EMS is unavailable, we will make a full refund for customers and refuse to make the delivery.

For the purchased items Customers can choose whether to buy insurance or not. If purchased item is damaged during the shipping, insurance will cover your loss.

Logistics and Courier Company will make compensation to the damaged items according to the rules and regulations.

For the purchased item which is damaged during shipping and without any insurance covered, compensations will be also made according to the rules of the Logistics and Courier Company.

When customer receives the package from working staff of express service, First, please open the package to check if everything is okay, if you found out the package or the item is damaged on the way to your destination.

You should refuse to sign on the package. And contact with the express agent immediately. When you get the damaged paperwork or case Number for the damaged items from your express agent, then please contact with us, we will follow it on our side for the compensation issues.